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The Sill Plate

The sill plate will be made of pressure-treated 2x8 boards bolted to the foundation wall. 18" iron anchor bolts will be set in mortar, spaced 4 feet apart. Here is a bolt:

The hole on the right has been stuffed with paper from a mortar bag to keep excess mortar from going all the way down to the bottom of the wall. In this one, some wet mortar has been added. The paper is sufficient to hold a 16" column of mortar. Wet mortar is added up to the top, then the bolt is pushed in, leaving about 2" of bolt showing:

July 2. Here is the east wall with all its bolts, ready for inspection, ready for the sill plate:

All anchor bolts set:

July 3. The foundation and anchor bolts passed inspection. Yay. The batter boards are gone.

The sill plate 2x8 boards must be drilled so that they line up with the outside wall. I squared off the end of a 12 foot board with the circular saw, lined it up with the anchor bolts and marked the positions of the four bolts along the board. To get the cross mark in the pictures below, I first measured the distance from the outside wall to the bolt:

Then I found and marked this same distance on the board by laying the square on the edge of the board:

I drilled 5/8" holes for 1/2" bolts to allow for little errors in block placement or variations in the boards.

The board fit right over the bolts, like this:

The first sill plate board installed, square, lined up with the outside wall...

... and level:

July 4. Sill plates cut, drilled and bolted down. I built a little pallet work table to try and keep all the tools in the same place:

Here is another view. I have started to fill in the trench:

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