Togo 2021

On May 16, 2021, Afua and I flew to Lome, Togo. Here are pictures in chronological order, most taken with a Canon Elph 360 HS, some night shots with a Canon M100, some cell phone pics.

In the plane flying over West Africa:

First morning, from the veranda, a laughing dove, "coo-oo-OO-oo."

Masked riders and mannequins.

In the city.


Fufu with fish in peanut sauce.

Pounding fufu.

Lizards like mangoes.

The entrance to Lome University.

Morning over our neighborhood.

Looking north east from the veranda.

Laughing dove again. A pair of these doves was often hanging around, searching for scraps, staring at themselves in the reflective window glass..

Moon over the power wires.

Common cosmetics ads this year.

Ships waiting for port access.

Mango season.

Le grand marche.

La Brasserie BB.

A peace monument in a traffic circle.

Vintage peace monument.

On my bike ride.

Sunrise from the veranda.

When I got back to the US, I put together this song and video about my bike rides.

Wishful thinking.

The veranda at night showing my trusty trail bike.

A neighbor's house.

Scorpio and the Southern Cross.

Sunrise again.

Near Assiyeye, "New Market."


Lome highway.

Road food heading north on the Route Nationale.

Just before Tsevie:

Palm trees south of Atakpame.

Fields of corn.

Approaching Atakpame.

Closer still.

Along the Route Nationale.

Duck family in Kaboli.

Clouds in Kaboli.

Heading south, we stopped at a popular fufu bar in Tchamba.

Elemawussi, in God's hands.

Approaching Sotouboua.


More Sotouboua.

And more Sotouboua.

Wangash and kooli-kooli sellers.

Always wear a mask.

African swallow!

Goats on the neighbor's roof.

Mother and child.

Unsafe at any speed.


Road work on the way to Kpalime.

Hills of Kpalime.

More hills.

Kpalime church.

Here we had fufu for lunch.

Fufu and rhum.

Mangoes and mortiers.

Les mortiers et les pilons.

Tomatoes for sale along the road back to Lome.

Back in big market again.

The ocean and port.

"Manage everything with your cell phone."

"Coronavirus is Real."

Second Wife restaurant.

One more bike ride before we go.

Time to go.